What Causes Tire Pressure Icons to Light Up?

Tires function as your car's only contact with the road through all kinds of weather, making their functionality of paramount importance. While sensors in your vehicle's tires can misfire from time to time, a warning light usually indicates a legitimate problem with your tire pressure that you'll want to address at your local auto service shop.

Optimal tire pressure gives you a smooth ride and better gas mileage. If a warning light comes on indicating a problem, it may signal that a tire has a leak in it. Falling temperatures can also cause a warning light to engage. Motorists should take such warnings seriously, as low tire pressure is a risk for blowouts, while high pressure can lead to uneven tire wear, costing money to replace worn tires.

If you suspect there may be an issue with your tires, head over to Ron Craft Chevrolet in Baytown, where qualified mechanics can inspect your tire pressure system for any malfunctions.

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